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Stone top vanities for bathrooms

With the arrival of new textures, patterns, and finishes of bathroom vanities, explore the trendiest designs and renovate your bathroom the way you want.

Give your bathroom the upgrade it deserves by installing stone top vanities for bathroomsIt creates an impeccable style statement by blending well your bathroom’s interiors and providing plenty of storage and space.

The modern vanities increase the aesthetic quotient and add a touch of sophistication to your bathroom. But the question is how to make the process of vanity selection easier? We are going to share the top 7 tips to help you upgrade your bathroom easily.

  1. Space availability

The type of vanity you want to install depends on the type of bathroom design. Think about how much available space is there? What is your budget? Do you want to replace your old vanity because of its old look or small size? The standard width of a stone vanity usually ranges from 24″ to 60.”

  1. Choose the right spot

Have you considered where are you going to install the vanity? Ensure that the vanity spot does not restrict or block the bathroom’s traffic or door. If you need to remove tiles or change the plumbing for the vanity installation, it can affect your budget.

  1. Comprehensive floor plan

Create a floor plan to get a mental picture of what goes where in the bathroom. The stone top vanities for bathrooms will look mesmerising only if it fits your space perfectly. You can increase the durability and shelf life of the vanity by cleaning it regularly which can be done if you have enough walking space around.

  1. Size of the sink

Consult with a plumber and evaluate your sink needs. You can save your time and money if the new vanity fits with the existing structure and plumbing of your bathroom. Depending on the vanity, you can select a sink available in various sizes, depths, and shapes. Consider how many sinks do you require? You can get a sink and extra counter space if your vanity is over 60 inches wide.

  1. Maintain functionality

Stone top vanities for bathrooms are incredibly stylish and functional. But you still need to choose the right design that provides additional storage options. For instance, a freestanding vanity has more storage than a wall-mounted vanity. But wall-mounted vanities are easy to clean and maintain.

  1. Right type of faucet

Faucets are not included in the vanities. Consider the faucet holes and how they should be installed if you are thinking of purchasing a vanity and sink separately. What type of faucet do you need- Centerset or widespread? Also, think about the vanity height.

  1. Customisation level

On a tight budget? No problem. You can simply replace the top of the vanity with a stone top. But if you are not, then you can explore custom designs for stone top vanities for bathrooms. With the endless variety of styles and amazing configurations, you will be able to pick the most suitable vanity for your bathroom.

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