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A shower screen is the perfect addition to a contemporary bathroom. If you are on the lookout for a suitable shower screen, ensure that it has sturdy glass construction and delivers well on functionality and style.

A shower screen prevents water spreading and keeps your bathroom clean and hygienic. Regardless of the type of shower screen you have in your bathroom, it offers an array of benefits.

We’re going to share few tips to help you choose the right shower screen for your bathroom.

  1. Shower screen configuration

Shower screens are available in various custom configurations, dimensions and designs. Select an appropriate screen that will complement your home based on the shower location.

  • A framed shower screen offers more strength and durability. It is more flexible and can be fitted into both small and large bathroom spaces.
  • Semi-frameless shower screens are well-supported with aluminium extrusions. They are less expensive than framed shower screens and provides a more minimalistic and contemporary look.
  • Fully frameless screens contain no framing around the panels. It is easier to clean and maintain as compared to the other two types of screens.

2. Shower screen material

Glass, acrylic and fibreglass are the three most common materials used to design the best shower screens in Melbourne.

  • The glass frame adds an elegant look to the bathroom. It is completely watertight and keeps the water contained in the shower area. It is made from durable material and can be customised.
  • Waterproof your bathroom with an acrylic shower screen. It is non-porous and prevents the risk of water damage. Also, it is easier to install and offers a clean look.

Fibreglass shower enclosures are popular among customers for their sleeker look. The thick glass will make your bathroom appear more spacious and larger.

3. Budget constraints

While planning a complete bathroom renovation, you got to have a budget. Do you have a flexible budget or a limited budget? The price range may vary depending on the glass design and durability. Consider your budget while making a decision. If you do not have a constrictive budget, then you can go with more appealing and attractive shower screen designs.

4. Bathroom space

Adding a shower screen in Melbourne is indeed an effective way to make your bathroom more functional. But you also need to consider the bath size and space to pick the perfect screen. For smaller bathrooms, a frameless shower screen would be perfect whereas, for large bathrooms, you can go with framed shower screens.

5. Additional features

Apart from the frames, you can choose the additional features you want to add to your shower screen. Do you want to add a sliding door? What type of finishing do you want? How many handles do you want to add? All these questions are important when looking for a shower screen in Melbourne.

To help you get started, Dynasty Bathroom & Kitchen offers unlimited shower screen options online. Talk to our installation experts and get complete sales support. We will help you pick the right bathroom product and deliver it to your home.

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