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5 Shower Screen Ideas For Your Next Bathroom Revamp In Melbourne Australia

Give your bathroom a brand-new look by installing cheap shower screens in Melbourne.

shower screen can be installed in the shower or bathing area regardless of the size of your bathroom. All you need to do is pick a screen design according to the space available and style of your shower.

Shower screens can also be used to highlight the features of your bathroom. Make a style statement by installing curvy or metallic shower screens.

We are going to list five shower screen ideas to help you give your bathroom the perfect new look.

  1. Frameless shower screens

Want to go for a minimalistic look? Then a frameless shower screen is the best way to go. It comes with a heavy-duty fitting that makes it durable and long-lasting. The screen can be customised into any type of bathroom. The frameless glass is also easy to clean and maintain. Glass being a non-porous material does not attract mould or germs.

2. Semi-framed shower screens

If you are looking for cheap shower screens in Melbourne, then you should consider a semi-framed screen. The metal or plastic frame is sturdy and gives an elegant look. Available in a variety of colours and frame designs, the semi-framed shower screen is appealing and will match perfectly with your bathroom’s decor and interiors.

3. Framed shower screens

One of the best and practical options for cheap shower screens in Melbourne is a framed shower screen. Choose from a range of screen shapes and renovate your bathroom easily. The aluminium frame is available in different colours and finishes including smooth and textured. The glass is comparatively thinner than frameless screens which makes it an easy to install option. The door seal prevents water penetration and water leak.

4.Sliding shower screens

If you do not have sufficient space in your bathroom, then a sliding shower screen is the ideal match for your home. The versatile design will improve the aesthetics of your bathroom while occupying less space as compared to other types of frames. It is a highly functional option for people who want a compact design.

5. Custom shower screens

As the name suggests, a custom shower screen will fit perfectly in a bathroom of any shape or design. You need to consider three things while making a decision- dimensions, shape and frame material. Revamp your bathroom the way you always dreamt of by installing a modern and functional shower screen.

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