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How to Measure

To design a new kitchen, you'll need measurements of your current kitchen. It is best to measure in mm. Please follow the measurement guide below:

  • Grab a measuring tape and a friend or partner to help you measure.
  • Draw a floor plan on a blank piece of paper, including all features such as windows, doors, arches, structural elements, and appliances.
  • Start with the floor-to-ceiling height and break it up into sections if it’s easier.
  • Measure the distance from the floor to the bottom of the window, and then measure the window’s height, including the architraves and the distance from the top of the window to the ceiling.
  • Include the depth of the window including architraves, and write all measurements down on your plan as you go.
  • Measure the length and height of the walls from wall-to-wall, remembering to add the thickness of tiles or splashbacks for an existing space.
  • Measure the dimensions of doorways and architraves, and indicate the direction in which the door opens.
  • To measure the area beneath the sink, mark the hot and cold taps and the waste plumbing on your plan.
  • Measure and mark all current and future power points.
  • Remember to “measure twice if in doubt” and write everything down as you go.

There’s no stress if you’re unsure. If you buy from Dynasty Bathroom & Kitchen we do a free check measure!

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